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Top 5 Best Pool Players In The World 2022 OKBET Group

Swimming may not be the most popular sport in the world. However, its competitions draw millions of viewers, and its competitors become well-known among fans. Do you want to discover who the best pool players in the world are right now? In 2022, learn about some of the biggest names in the cue sport.

Pool and billiards have seen many famous players over the years. Almost any cue sports fan is familiar with the names Rudolf Wanderone, Ralph Greenleaf, and Willie Mosconi. They were some of the best pool players in the world, but these legends no longer compete or have passed away. They have been supplanted by new stars who shine brightly for 21st-century admirers. Who are these pool and billiards stars?

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Here are the Top Five of the World’s Best Pool Players in 2022

Based on their history and current rankings, we have selected the best pool players in the world. Aside from that, we looked at their chances of winning at South Korean online sportsbooks. So, how does the top 5 look?

  1. Filler, Joshua
  2. Van Boening, Shane
  3. Feijen, Neils
  4. Reyes, Efren
  5. Pin-Chung Ko

Efren “Bata” Reyes

Efren “Bata” Reyes is a pool legend. This well-known Filipino has been playing pool since he was a child. Reyes has won over 100 international titles during his long career, including the US Open and World Pool League. Reyes was also the first player to win the WPA World Championships in both the eight and nine-ball pool.

Even more impressive, Efren continues to compete in pool tournaments. In 2021, at the age of 67, he won the Seniors One-Pocket Classic. Bata appears to be unstoppable, which is why he is on our list of the finest pool players in the world.

Feijen, Neils

Neils Feijen, often known as The Terminator, is a well-known Dutch professional pool player. The WPA presently ranks this 45-year-old seventh. However, this does not diminish his abilities. He won two titles in 2022, including the Euro Tour Austria Open and the European Pool Championship in 9 Ball. Feiken can wager on breaking records at 20Bet Sportsbook. Since the beginning of his career in the 2000s, the Dutch player has won more than fifty trophies. Feijen’s most notable accomplishments include multiple Mosconi Cup championships, WPA World Championships, and a top ranking of first in the WPA.

Pin-Chung Ko

Ko Pin-Ching is widely regarded as one of the world’s top pool players today. He is a rising Taiwanese talent with numerous records and titles. Ko Pin-Ching, in particular, is the 2019 WPA World 10-Ball champion.

Despite only recently entering the professional pool scene, he is expected to outperform his famous brother Ko Pin-Yi, another pool player and previous World Champion. Overall, Ko Pin-Ching is only 26 years old, so the future for this Taiwanese pool aficionado appears promising.

Van Boening, Shane

Shane Van Boening, one of the top American pool players, is frequently included on lists of the biggest pool stars. Van Boening, a former number one in numerous rankings and holder of over 100 trophies, began his professional career in 2005. Since then, the player has won numerous WPA World Championships, U.S. Open Championships, Euro Tours, and other events. Shane is also one of the most decorated pool players in the United States. He has been named Player of the Year five times by Billiards Digest alone!

Filler, Joshua

Joshua Filler, the youngest pool star on our list, is also one of the sport’s biggest stars. Following South Korean online gambling news, is the highest-ranked pool player on the WPA list. At the age of 24, Filler has won the WPA World Championship as well as the Euro Tour, European Pool Championship, and US Open. In addition, at the age of 20, he became the youngest player ever to make his debut at the Mosconi Cup. His moniker “The Killer” accurately describes this brilliant German pool player and his playing style.