OKBET Group Update: Olympic Volleyball Shaping Out To Be Brazil Vs. USA

OKBET Group Update Olympic Volleyball Shaping Out To Be Brazil Vs. USA
  • Brazil is the +250 favorite to win the gold medal in volleyball.
  • The USA volleyball team has +450 odds of winning the gold medal.

TOKYO — The Summer Olympics provide lots of options for sports bettors to keep themselves entertained.

Men’s volleyball is one of the more popular Summer Olympic sports, and gamblers can put bets on who they think will win the gold medal right now.

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Brazil is presently favored to win the gold medal, much ahead of the United States, according to authorized sports betting company. However, there are reasons to assume that the United States will be a genuine contender for the gold medal, giving Brazil a run for their money.

Men’s Olympic Volleyball – Odds To Win

  • Brazil +250
  • Poland +300
  • Russian Olympic Committee +400
  • USA +450
  • France +750
  • Italy +1100
  • Argentina +2800
  • Iran +5000
  • Canada +6600
  • Japan +6600
  • Tunisia +100000
  • Venezuela +100000

Why Will Brazil Win the Gold Medal?

Brazil opened the Olympic volleyball chances as the favourites to win the gold medal. They are now ranked first in the country by a wide margin, with a WR Score of 431, much ahead of the second best team, Poland, who has a WR Score of 390.

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Brazil has just won the Nations League Championship after defeating Poland, the reigning Nations League champion.

They crushed them, winning three of four sets, including a 25-16 victory in the third set and a 25-14 victory in the fourth.

With that in mind, bettors may feel more at ease betting on Brazil to win the gold medal before the Olympics begin in order to secure the highest possible reward before shifting throughout the event.

Why Will the United States Win the Gold Medal?

Team USA is regarded as a powerhouse in most sports they compete in during the Summer Olympics. Men’s volleyball has enough of that, as they have the fourth-fewest odds of winning.

When it comes to the men’s squad, they have lots of experienced players to help them win the gold medal, such as Matt Anderson, who has been the nation’s best scorer since 2011.

He is also one of the team’s longest-serving players, having been with the organization since 2008.

They also have T.J. DeFalco, who plays professionally in Poland and could help exploit holes against the Polish team in the Olympics.

With that in mind, betting on the US to win gold in any sport is never a terrible bet, especially in men’s volleyball.

Looking back at their latest game between Brazil and the United States at the Volleyball National League (VNL), the Brazilians got the better of the Americans, sweeping them 3-0 in three sets.

Despite Brazil’s dominance, gamblers should not be discouraged from taking the USA’s chances because the first two sets in those games were decided by three points or fewer. 

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