NHL First Period Total Betting on OKBET Sports Betting Report

NHL First Period Total Betting on OKBET Sports Betting Report

Games bettors are constantly on the lookout for new and intriguing methods to wager on their favorite sports. Sports bettors also prefer quick payouts. While some of us enjoy playing long games with futures bets, we prefer to see a return as quickly as feasible.

There’s nothing more immediate in NHL hockey than betting on first-period totals. Will a side score OVER or UNDER the total number of goals in the first 20 minutes? No need to stay up until 10 p.m. to discover if your bet was successful. Get it done and out of the way as soon as possible!

Are you new to hockey betting? We provide a fantastic hockey betting guide and a trusted online sportsbook for you to place your bet securely and confidently. While looking at our other NHL betting content, check out the Stanley Cup odds and our machine choices for each game.

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How to Bet on First-Period Totals

The majority of NHL games have a full-game total of 5.5 to 6.5 goals, thus when divided into three periods, you get an average of two goals per period. This is when the thrill and strategy of first-period totals OVER or UNDER 1.5 come into play.

Each game, like other markets, will have fluctuating pricing on the OVER or UNDER. A game between the Avalanche and Panthers, for example, will have a considerably higher OVER price than a game between the low-scoring Coyotes and Sharks.

How Does The Table Work?

The record of a squad when it comes to the OVER in the first period is shown in the table below. The percentage represents how frequently that team went OVER.

The Florida Panthers, for example, went OVER the first-period goal total 53 times (67.9% of the time), UNDER 25 times, and PUSHed four times.

Teams to Keep an Eye On in 22-23

NHL Teams to Keep an Eye On in 22-23

Now let’s speak about two teams who will frequently hit the OVER and two teams that will not.

Florida Panthers Win

Florida will continue to be a good bet to go OVER in the first period. This is still a top-tier offensive squad that led the NHL in first-period goals in 2021-22 with 103. Nobody else had more than 95.

Matthew Tkachuk’s acquisition helps the Panthers’ defense. The former Calgary Flames winger scored 10 of his 42 goals in the opening period (24%) during his career.

FINISHED – Chicago Blackhawks

Luke Richardson, the new head coach, understands what he’s getting himself into. The Hawks’ 2022-23 season is shaping up to be a disaster. And terrible teams hit the OVER just as frequently as good teams. Last season, the Blue Jackets went OVER 66.2 percent of the time in the first period, not because they scored a lot, but because they gave up a lot. Their 96 goals allowed in the first period were the second-worst in the league, trailing only the Habs’ 98.

That’s the kind of result the Hawks are expected to see in 22-23. They traded away excellent players like Alex DeBrincat and Kirby Dach for little to nothing. The Hawks will be terrible, moving up the first-period totals table from 51.9 percent in ’21-22.

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New York Islanders Under

The Islanders are a strong defensive squad that struggles to score. That didn’t alter in the summer, with Lou Lamoriello just making one roster change, dealing for defenseman Alex Romanov. The former Habs defenseman is a fine player, but his style is more about throwing players flat on the ice than it is about scoring goals.

The Islanders start slowly and then explode late in the game. In ’21-22, the Isles scored 29.2 percent, 32 percent, and 38.2 percent of the time. Consider it “rope-a-dope” hockey. Don’t anticipate the Islanders to frequently go OVER in the first period in 22-23.

Los Angeles Kings – UNDER

They did not score frequently or concede frequently in the first period. And there’s no reason to believe that will change in 2022-23. Sure, the Kings added Kevin Fiala, but he also adds six first-period goals from ’21-22.

Choose the UNDER when betting on the Los Angeles Kings’ first-period totals all season. Last season, they hit the UNDER 58% of the time. This season, they’ll be close to the same rate.

TeamOverallHomeAwayLast 10
Panthers53-25-4 (67.9%)31-8-2 (79.5%)22-17-2 (56.4%)5-4-1 (55.6%)
Blue Jackets53-27-2 (66.2%)28-12-1 (70.0%)25-15-1 (62.5%)4-4-2 (50.0%)
Devils52-30 (63.4%)24-17 (58.5%)28-13 (68.3%)4-6 (40.0%)
Wild50-29-3 (63.3%)26-13-2 (66.7%)24-16-1 (60.0%)3-6-1 (33.3%)
Golden Knights49-33 (59.8%)25-16 (61.0%)24-17 (58.5%)7-3 (70.0%)
Maple Leafs45-31-6 (59.2%)23-16-2 (59.0%)22-15-4 (59.5%)4-4-2 (50.0%)
Oilers47-34-1 (58.0%)26-15 (63.4%)21-19-1 (52.5%)2-7-1 (22.2%)
Blues45-35-2 (56.2%)24-17 (58.5%)21-18-2 (53.8%)5-3-2 (62.5%)
Senators44-35-3 (55.7%)20-19-2 (51.3%)24-16-1 (60.0%)2-6-2 (25.0%)
Predators45-36-1 (55.6%)15-25-1 (37.5%)30-11 (73.2%)5-4-1 (55.6%)
Avalanche45-36-1 (55.6%)22-18-1 (55.0%)23-18 (56.1%)5-4-1 (55.6%)
Coyotes44-36-2 (55.0%)24-16-1 (60.0%)20-20-1 (50.0%)5-4-1 (55.6%)
Kraken45-37 (54.9%)20-21 (48.8%)25-16 (61.0%)7-3 (70.0%)
Canadiens43-37-2 (53.8%)21-19-1 (52.5%)22-18-1 (55.0%)4-6 (40.0%)
Bruins44-38 (53.7%)24-17 (58.5%)20-21 (48.8%)6-4 (60.0%)
Sharks44-38 (53.7%)24-17 (58.5%)20-21 (48.8%)7-3 (70.0%)
Canucks43-38-1 (53.1%)20-20-1 (50.0%)23-18 (56.1%)5-4-1 (55.6%)
Flames43-38-1 (53.1%)20-21 (48.8%)23-17-1 (57.5%)3-6-1 (33.3%)
Capitals42-38-2 (52.5%)19-21-1 (47.5%)23-17-1 (57.5%)5-3-2 (62.5%)
Islanders43-39 (52.4%)22-19 (53.7%)21-20 (51.2%)8-2 (80.0%)
Blackhawks42-39-1 (51.9%)22-19 (53.7%)20-20-1 (50.0%)6-3-1 (66.7%)
Jets41-39-2 (51.2%)20-20-1 (50.0%)21-19-1 (52.5%)3-5-2 (37.5%)
Sabres41-39-2 (51.2%)22-18-1 (55.0%)19-21-1 (47.5%)4-4-2 (50.0%)
Flyers41-40-1 (50.6%)18-23 (43.9%)23-17-1 (57.5%)5-5 (50.0%)
Lightning41-40-1 (50.6%)19-21-1 (47.5%)22-19 (53.7%)6-4 (60.0%)
Ducks39-42-1 (48.1%)18-22-1 (45.0%)21-20 (51.2%)4-5-1 (44.4%)
Red Wings37-45 (45.1%)21-20 (51.2%)16-25 (39.0%)3-7 (30.0%)
Penguins36-45-1 (44.4%)17-24 (41.5%)19-21-1 (47.5%)7-3 (70.0%)
Stars36-45-1 (44.4%)20-20-1 (50.0%)16-25 (39.0%)4-6 (40.0%)
Kings34-47-1 (42.0%)16-24-1 (40.0%)18-23 (43.9%)3-6-1 (33.3%)
Rangers34-48 (41.5%)17-24 (41.5%)17-24 (41.5%)2-8 (20.0%)
Hurricanes33-49 (40.2%)19-22 (46.3%)14-27 (34.1%)5-5 (50.0%)
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