Ice Hockey Betting for Beginners | OKBET Sports Betting

Ice Hockey Betting for Beginners OKBET Sports Betting

Betting chances exist as a result of how the game is played. This game is played between two teams of five players each, with one serving as the goaltender on the ice rink. Each ice hockey team strives to score as many goals as possible.

As a result, punters can wager on the team they believe will win, goals, and players who will score. If the forecast is right, the player receives the expected win. Bookmakers allow you to make such ice hockey betting predictions by providing alternatives in the sportsbook’s ice hockey area.

All you have to do is choose the team you want to wager on and the markets you believe have the best probability of winning. Bookmakers organize games into leagues or by country. As previously said, this makes it simple for punters to choose their chosen competition and place bets.

Explaining Ice Hockey Odds

Ice hockey chances vary greatly depending on the projected outcome and other variables such as team strengths, team positions in the game, the location of the game, and whether either of the sides is under pressure to win.

Underdogs frequently have greater odds in markets where they are included, while favorites have lower odds. However, based on the changes in the variables described below, the probabilities may alter before and during the game.

The odds can range from one to double-digit figures in excess of 30. The odds for outright winners and double chances are among the lowest, while the odds for score markets are among the highest.

However, the high or low odds are not a guarantee that the forecast will come true.

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Explained: The Most Common Ice Hockey Betting Types

There are numerous betting options based on the events that typically occur in an ice hockey game. Always check the events that are likely to occur and choose a bet from the alternatives below that correspond to your prediction.


Moneyline bets are wagers placed on the match’s winner. It is the most straightforward ice hockey betting market. Punters select one of three game outcomes: team A or B wins, or the game ends in a tie. The prediction has no point spread, making it simple to predict results without doing additional calculations.

The favourites normally have lower odds than the underdogs in Moneyline bets, with the draw odds altering depending on the anticipated scoring of either team. Some bookies provide extra choices for eliminating the draw, such as Draw no bet. You simply choose which team will win this way.

Markets that are over/undervalued

The over/under market is a wager in which you anticipate whether a team’s performance will exceed or fall short of a specific statistic. Here’s an example: you can bet that the total score will be greater than 4.5. In this situation, you will wager more than 4.5. If you anticipate a lesser number of scores, you may choose less than 4.5.

The over/under markets are more basic and easier to forecast for most bettors than the outright score market. Unlike the straight scoring market, this allows you to combine multiple statistics into one.

Puckline wagering

This sort of online sports betting is specific to ice hockey, but it is a variation on the common spread betting. Bookmakers use a point spread on both the favorite and the underdog, much like in spread betting. The puckline is usually set at 1.5. This means the underdog will be given a +1.5 goal puck line handicap. In this situation, they must lose by no more than two goals for your bet to be successful.

If you choose the favourites for the puckline handicap at -1.5, it implies they must win by at least two goals in order for you to win the game. Most bettors prefer puckline betting to enhance their odds on Moneyline markets, particularly when a strong team encounters a poor one.

Accumulators in ice hockey

An accumulator bet is a stake that covers multiple games. Punters wager on multiple events at once in order to maximize their odds and thus their potential rewards. Ice hockey accumulator bets further increase your chances of winning big money by betting on multiple games. Many punters bet on Moneyline markets in accumulator odds, however accumulator bets can be placed on any market.

However, in order for you to win, all of your picks must be correct. As a result, it is critical to double-check your forecasts before placing your wager. Some bookmakers provide players with insurance in the form of the ability to cash out before all games are completed or receive a refund if they lose specific picks.

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Introducing the “Grand Salami.”

The Grand Salami is a form of over/under wager in which punters win more than the game’s score. Punters wager on the total amount of goals scored over multiple games played on the same day or evening.

Typically, bookmakers will construct a line for the total goals. You must next decide whether or not the overall score will cross the line. As an example, the line for three teams playing on the same evening may be 16. You wager under if you feel the total scores will not exceed this number. You bet on the over section if you feel the odds will be greater than the number. This wager is settled when all games are completed.

Long-term and one-time bets

A long-term bet on ice hockey is one in which your stake is spread out over a long period of time. Most of the time, it is about predicting who will win the competition. It is a specialized bet that does not take into consideration individual competition games.

Some bookies refer to it as outright betting or future betting. While these bets can be difficult to estimate, the odds are usually very high.

Special bets, on the other hand, are betting on occurrences that may or may not occur during the game. Here’s an illustration. You can wager on a certain player to score first. If the player scores the first goal, the bet wins. It’s a unique wager because other players could be the first to score.

Other common special bets include the player with the most goals, the player with the last goal, the time to score, and the player with the most goals at halftime.

How does live ice hockey betting work?

Live betting is betting on ice hockey games as they are being played. It allows users to evaluate each team’s performance in a live game and select the best market to bet on.

Your favorite bookmaker offers pre-match betting as well as live betting or in-play betting. When a game begins, it is moved to the live betting section, and a timer displays the length of the game. When you arrive at the live betting section, select the game and then the market to bet on before placing your wager.

The pre-match markets are available in the live betting section, though some may become unavailable over time. The odds may also change during the game, based on the time and performance of each team. You also get real-time game results so you can make an informed bet selection.

How to Bet on Ice Hockey at OKBET Sports Betting

A bet on ice hockey is similar to any other bet. The basic methods shown below can be applied to any betting site. They cover the actions that any new punter must do in order to open a betting account.

Visit the OKBET Ice Hockey Betting Website

Choose OKBET sports betting as a trustworthy ice hockey betting site. OKBET provides comprehensive coverage of the sport, including big and minor games, friendlies, and leagues worldwide. OKBET also accepts gamers across the Philippines, whether a bettor is Filipino or not. Having GCASH, dragon pay, paypal is an advantage. Furthermore, OKBET is an online platform that is simple to use, secure, legally operated, and likely includes an app or a mobile website. You may check OKBET’s reviews to help you know that OKBET is a secure and legally operated sports betting site in the Philippines, regulated under the PAGCOR. 

Make a Betting Account

You may join OKBET Sports betting, just head on the registration form. If you’re into ice hockey sports betting, OKBET is the best sportsbook for you. 

To access the registration form, click the link. Then, fill in the blanks with the necessary information. The registration procedure should take no longer than three minutes. Before you can use your account, you will receive a link or a code on your mobile device to validate it.

Select a Payment Method and Make a Deposit

Log in for the first time with the credentials you created during registration. Then, under ‘My Account,’ navigate to the cashier section and look for the banking methods. Choose a method from the list of available alternatives. Choose a method that you are accustomed to using for online transactions.

Deposit money into your account by going to the cashier and hitting the deposits tab. Enter the deposit amount and complete the transaction as directed.

Place your wagers

Placing your bets entails deciding which games to play, which markets to wager on, and how much money to bet with. Go to the bookmaker’s ice hockey section and scroll down to the competition you want to wager on. Then look for the finest market and click on it.

Your pick will be added to the betslip by your bookmaker. You can make further selections and then enter the amount you want to wager before hitting the ‘put bet’ button. Remember that you cannot cancel a wager once it has been placed.

Tips and Strategies for Ice Hockey Betting

To boost your odds of winning your next ice hockey bet, you can use a variety of ice hockey betting methods. Here is a quick look at some basic methods that may be applied to every ice hockey bet, as well as some additional advice to improve your betting experience.

Look for the best odds available.

The odds directly affect how much money you will make by betting on a specific game. As a result, it is critical that you wager on games with realistic odds. When you have a number of options, always choose the ones with the best odds.

In the same breath, it is prudent to investigate other markets that may offer better chances than the Moneyline. For example, if you predict the favorites to win by a large margin, you may choose puckline or over/under if you can forecast the performance. Many of these picks have better odds than the Moneyline.

Use matched betting and arbitrage betting to your advantage.

Arbitrage betting is the act of betting on all conceivable outcomes of a game in order to assure a profit on any conclusion of the game in question. It largely borrows from stock market arbitrage, in which traders acquire assets in one market and sell them concurrently in another.

Matched betting is similar to arbitrage betting, except that you can use a bookmaker’s offer to place your bets. Normally, you bet on a high-priced game and wager against the outcome of the same game on an exchange. This is conceivable because bookmakers have differing perspectives on the likely outcomes of a game. This disparity guarantees profit.

Follow ice hockey experts and their predictions

There are numerous ice hockey tips available on the internet. Many of these predictions include a brief explanation of why the tipster believes the game will end as predicted. There are also expert perspectives on the upcoming games.

While you are not required to follow any of these, they do provide insights into the game and information that may assist you in making a more accurate prediction. Examine at least three possibilities from top tippers and compare them to your analysis. It raises your odds of selecting the most likely market.

Keep track of your wagering history

Continue to review your betting history to assess your success and make critical decisions like as bankroll management and bet size. It is critical that you consider your betting as a business and alter your gambling patterns based on your past experiences.

Furthermore, keeping track of your betting history aids in determining your success rates. It may assist you in improving your techniques or changing your betting cycle to increase your winning rates. Fortunately, many bookies preserve a record of your previous wagers, which you can retrieve via your account’s history tab.

Consider the modest wins and gains

Do not become obsessed with making large profits from your betting efforts. Most of the time, this necessitates betting larger sums or making multiple selections on a single betslip. These two actions raise the stakes.

In contrast, incremental earnings will significantly raise your overall winnings over a short period of time. Most experts advise players to place numerous sure bets separately rather than combining large combinations in the name of chasing bigger payouts. Remember that every bet you lose is deducted from your bankroll. Reduce the possibility of losing money in your gambling process wherever possible.

The Most Common Ice Hockey Betting Errors

When choosing teams and markets or making bets, all punters make simple mistakes. As a result, they frequently lose their bets. Here are a few typical ice hockey betting mistakes and how to avoid them.

I am unfamiliar with the sport

You cannot make an accurate game analysis if you do not understand how the sport is played. Understanding the rules, games, ranking, point distribution, and potential fouls are all examples of sports knowledge. Knowing this allows you to create forecasts based on tangible facts and potential happenings on the field.

Take your time studying ice hockey before betting on it. There is a wealth of free internet learning resources available to you. Continue to update your knowledge to improve your chances of making an accurate forecast.

Ignoring team formation and injuries

As in football, the overall team form is the strongest predictor of future performance. Teams in high form can put up a strong fight against their superior opponents. Otherwise, chronically powerful teams in poor form are prone to lose to smaller, better-organized opponents. Furthermore, teams with multiple injured players may struggle on the field.

Unfortunately, some gamblers disregard the team’s form and fail to look for any ailments. They eventually resort to earlier results from when the team was at its peak. This raises the likelihood of them losing the bet.

Mismanaging your finances

Your bankroll is the amount of money you intend to spend on betting activities in a certain time frame. It is critical to set aside such monies so that you do not deplete your financial resources. Unfortunately, some players tend to mismanage their bankroll by wagering large sums on games they believe will pass, just to have their bets fail.

When you place your wager, there is always the possibility that you will lose all of your money. As a result, spreading your bankroll across multiple bets rather than a few high-value ones increases your chances of winning more.

Avoid placing bets on your favorite team

If you have a favorite team, you are inclined to wager on them in leagues where they will be competing. Unfortunately, this is not a viable method for ice hockey betting. Most punters are so confident in their favorite teams that they fail to do a sufficient study of previous and potential performance. This raises the likelihood of making an incorrect forecast.

You should not constantly gamble on your favorite team. If necessary, subject the team to the same analysis as the other teams on the betslip. This allows you to base your decision on facts rather than feelings.


How do you place an ice hockey bet?

Log in or sign up at your OKBET online bookmaker to bet on ice hockey. Then, choose a payment option and deposit the funds you intend to spend for betting. Finish by selecting games and markets and putting a wager.

Which ice hockey market is the best?

No ice hockey market can be stated to be superior to the others. It all depends on the situation. Always look for markets with a larger chance of winning and attractive odds. This reduces your chance of loss while increasing your profits.

What exactly is a “Grand Salami” wager?

A Grand Salami bet is an over/under wager that covers all games played during a specific time period. You determine that the total team scores will not/will not exceed a certain number.

Which tournaments are the greatest to bet on?

You may place bets on ice hockey competitions all across the world. The National Hockey League, Kontinental Hockey League, Swedish Hockey League, NCAA Ice Hockey Championship, International Ice Hockey Federation Leagues, and American Hockey League are among the most well-known.

How are the odds for ice hockey calculated?

Ice hockey betting odds are typically expressed as fractions or decimals. For decimal odds, multiply the odds by your stake to find your potential wins. Profit is calculated by deducting the stake amount from the potential win.
The fractional odds indicate the likelihood of a team winning. For instance, 10/1 indicates that the team has a ten to one chance of winning. The formula B (A+B) =% is used to compute the winning chance. As a result, 10/1 = 1(10+1) = 11%.

Can I place a live bet on an ice hockey game?

Yes. You can place bets on live ice hockey games. Simply go to OKBET Sports Betting’s live betting section and select one of the live matches. Then, choose the market on which you want to wager.

What does the term “over/under” in ice hockey betting mean?

Over/under betting entails betting on whether the performance of both or each team will or will not exceed a specific metric. Here’s an example: the overall score will not be more than 5.5 goals. You win if the total score of the game does not exceed five goals. Visit OKBET to see which team is over and under.