Betting on the NBA Eastern Conference: The Bucks are a Solid Bet

Betting on the NBA Eastern Conference The Bucks are a Solid Bet

There’s still time to cash in on the NBA’s regular season and playoff races, as the Eastern Conference features far more formidable teams than the Western Conference.

Celtics (+115) are the favorites in the Eastern Conference, followed by the Bucks (+200) and the 76ers (+600), despite having lost first place for a short period of time. There are no shocks in the top three, as Boston is also considered a favorite to win the NBA title.

NBA Eastern Conference Odds: Best Bets

Who are the current season’s worth-betting futures on?

Milwaukee Bucks (+200)

In spite of the difficulty of reaching the NBA Finals, the Bucks are more than capable of doing so. Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was once a serious MVP contender but is now sidelined with a wrist injury, continues to play well for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are the clear favorites in the NBA after winning their last sixteen games in a row.

If you’re patient, you can still get a healthy return on a future bet if you’re patient, at +200. Milwaukee is a wagon this year.

Cleveland Cavaliers (+900)

So, it’s not completely out of the question. The Cavaliers’ starting five consists of NBA All-Stars like Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen, and Evan Mobley. While Cleveland’s pedigree may not be on par with Boston or Milwaukee, wait to write them off.

Eastern Conference - Cleaveland

When the NBA playoffs begin, the Cavaliers’ formidable starting five and third-best defensive rating in the league (109.9) should serve them well. This is the best wager in terms of expected return.

Understanding NBA Eastern Conference Odds

At the NBA betting site you choose, the odds for the Eastern Conference will look like this:

NBA Eastern Conference Futures

  • Milwaukee Bucks +225
  • Brooklyn Nets +225
  • Philadelphia 76ers +550
  • Boston Celtics +550
  • Miami Heat +550

As in a moneyline wager, where the favored team receives a minus sign (-) and the underdog receives a plus sign (+) to indicate their relative betting advantage, the team with the better odds is the favorite. In this scenario, the Bucks and Nets are the favorites, each at +225.

Assume you love the Sixers and bet them to the NBA Finals at +550 odds. A $100 bet would get you a payout of $650 – you get your original money back coupled with your winnings of $550.

Our odds calculator will provide a potential return based on the stake, and the odds presented.

Final Thoughts

Based on the information provided, the Milwaukee Bucks (+200) is a solid bet to win the Eastern Conference, given their recent winning streak and the impressive performance of Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Cleveland Cavaliers (+900) also seem like an interesting dark horse with their strong starting five and defensive rating.

Check out our NBA betting guides for more tips and strategies. Consider factors such as injuries, team performance, and matchups before placing your bets. And as always, please gamble responsibly.