Best Snooker and Pool Online Betting Site – OKBET Cue Sports Betting

Best Snooker and Pool Online Betting Site - OKBET Cue Sports Betting

Snooker used to be a game played in darkened snooker halls with a pint and a cigarette. What a difference a generation makes. The sport, like darts, has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. Snooker players like as Alex Higgins, Ray Reardon, Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor, and John Parrott became household names in the 1970s and 1980s, thanks to the BBC’s Pot Black series and the introduction of color television.

Snooker even made its way into light entertainment with the 1990s TV show Big Break. The early 2000s were not suitable to the sport, but under a new chairman Barry Hearn, the sport was redesigned, with snooker now being played on a worldwide platform and being extremely popular in Asian countries.

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The number of events has expanded tremendously, with professional players now working all year throughout the world. This means that there is more to gamble on and more betting sites to bet. When betting on snooker, in-play betting is immensely popular, and you can now wager by the ball, frame, session, match, or tournament.

Our snooker betting guide will tell you where to get the greatest odds and payments, the top bookies for snooker and pool betting, how to bet on snooker, what the key events are, and where to find the best odds and payouts. We also discuss some of the sport’s match-fixing scandals.

Best Online Snooker and Pool Betting Sites

OKBET Sports Betting Philippines

OKBET Sports Betting Philippines

Okbet Sports is dedicated to providing the greatest online sports betting activities, such as snooker and pool betting, which have grown in popularity in the Philippines in recent years.

In addition to the service above, Okbet provides Filipinos with online casino games without jeopardizing their safety and security. You can have fun betting on cue sports and online casino games with Okbet Online Sports Betting Philippines without worrying about online casino fraud, identity theft, cyber extortion, and other issues.

Simply sign up, sit back, relax, and enjoy your online casino games and sports betting activities in a fast and secure player environment. OKBET offers fast payments, speedy win confirmation, attractive odds, and round-the-clock betting, among other benefits.

Consider installing the Okbet App for quick, efficient, and simple betting. You may download the OKBET App from the OKBET website and scan the QR using IOS and Android devices. Start betting on cue sports with OKBET today and own the victory!

Paddy Power Online Sports Betting

Snooker promotions are normally available from the major bookmakers for events such as the World Championships and The Masters, but the rest of the year, regular snooker punters are left out in the cold. This is not the case with Paddy Power.

This is the snooker betting site for you if you want broad market coverage and fair odds as well as a top offer. Paddy Power offers snooker money back and free bet promotions for almost every tournament; these are usually entertaining and unique, as the bookmaker is always trying out new concepts. For example, you may see offers such as money back if a 147 is scored,”money back if no centuries are recorded,’ ‘increased winnings,’ and more. Paddy Power is a must-have for anyone who wagers on snooker on a regular basis.

Coral Sports Betting

Coral has live streaming and great market coverage of snooker; they don’t do anything out of the ordinary, but they provide everything you need to bet on snooker, including offers for the main events.

This bookie also gives more lines in advance than others. For example, in the 9th frame before the event, bet on total points. Most sites will only have these lines in play.

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Rules of Snooker

Snooker is a table game where two players seek to hit white cue balls into pockets with object balls.  There are 15 red balls worth one point and six other colors: yellow (2 points), green (3), brown (4), blue (5), pink (6), and black (7). 

A player breaks by striking a red-ball pyramid with the cue.  First pot a red ball, then another color. 

This continues until all red balls are potted, with referees replacing colors each time. The next player always hits a red ball after a miss. Once all red balls are potted, the other colors must be potted in points sequence.

Frames are single games.  Best-of-a-set-number-of-frames matches.  Outscoring your opponent wins a frame. 

A player breaks when they score without missing or fouling. Maximum break is 147. (15 reds, 15 blacks and all colours).  Long matches are divided into sessions with a break in between.

A foul occurs when a player misses their object ball or pots another ball. Fouling transfers play and costs a point.  Snooker is when your opponent positions the cue ball so you can’t strike the object ball. 

Snooker players can use table cushions to escape. The 12ft x 6ft (3.7m x 1.8m) table has a green cloth.  Red balls are stacked in a pyramid underneath the pink ball. 

White ball hit from behind the line and inside the ‘D’ for break off.Depending on how tactical, frames can last 10 minutes to hours. If both players are deadlocked after all balls are potted, a black ball is added.

Rules of Pool

8-ball pool is a shorter game where the goal is to score the most points. In Eight-ball, numbered billiards balls correspond to their point value. Whoever pots the most balls wins.

Spots and stripes is another pool variation. Number balls are 50/50 spotted and striped. The winner pots all the spots, stripes, and black ball first.

British pool has a smaller pocket and non-numbered red, yellow, and black balls. First to pot one color, then black, wins. International 8-ball contests are popular.

In 9-ball pool, players take turns hitting the lowest remaining ball. Infraction. First to legally pot the nine-ball wins.

Snooker and Pool Bets

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Straight-up bets

Most bets are on match or tournament winners. This market is straightforward because snooker and pool have no draws. Nearly all bookies provide outright lines on snooker and pool, so odds are competitive. It’s helpful to have several betting sites so you can compare odds. See our top snooker bookies for the best odds.

Outright tournament betting attracts several offers. These include price hikes, better odds for new customers (posted on our main page), money return deals, and free bets.

Win, place, each way

There are no places in a snooker match, but you can wager each-way on the winner. When available, expect 1/2 odds on 2 places, 1/3 on 3, and 1/4 or 1/5 on 4 or more places.

Lines offering odds on players to make the semis are a placing bet.

Frame-and-session betting

In a best-of-17 frames match, you can bet on any result from 9-0 to 9-8 either way. Session winners can be bet on independently from match winners.

Bets by the frame are prevalent. This might be a simple winner or bets on the highest break, century, fouls, or frame duration.

Other bets include the next 3 frames, X frames, the first frame, etc.

To Score A Century Break

A century break secures snooker victory. Popular snooker bets include a session frame or match century. Better players score more centuries, lowering odds. Individual or cumulative centuries can be bet on.

Century breaks are prevalent in bookmaker deals, giving you stake insurance or extra rewards if scored at set intervals. Watch for these promotions.

Break Betting

Bet on the frame, session, or match’s highest break. Some lines are fixed, such as ‘player to score 50+’ Others are just highest break. Highest break scores vary. The score is the sum of a player’s breaks in a frame. Bet on 50+ or 100+ breaks in a session, match, or tournament.

The break off starts the game. Players share break offs.

Bet on a player’s total points, which includes all breaks. Bet on players to score 100+ in a frame, match, etc.

You can also gamble on the overall amount of points scored in a session or match.

To Break 147

One-break high is 147. This is done by potting red, black, and all other colors in order (27).

50 to 100/1 odds for something to happen in a match reflect its rarity. Even wager on its tournament possibility or frequency.


A typical snooker bet involves picking the first player to reach 30 points in a frame. Even with 30+ points, a player can lose a frame. Great in-game wager.

The other version is race to 3 or 5 frames.

Ball-and-pot wagering

Sometimes you can wager on the first non-red ball potted. You can even gamble on the colour of the last ball potted if one player has definitely won. Also bet on the first player to pot a ball.


As snooker is best-of-X, you can wager on the winning margin as well as the correct score. In a best-of-21 match, you could gamble on any winning margin from 1 to 11 frames.


A break or points total can be odd or even. Odd or even frames in a match are also typical bets. This requires little talent, since odds are usually even either way.

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Live betting on snooker and pool

Live betting is popular on snooker. It’s one of the few games where in-play wagering exceeds pre-event markets.

The game’s tactical ebb and flow produces a great betting scenario. We all know it’s impossible to concentrate for 12 hours or more throughout a match. Backing the correct player at the appropriate time adds value to your wagers. If you back outsiders at the proper time, you’ll get a wonderful bargain.

Snooker features multiple live-betting markets. You can enjoy hours of fun as a punter if you discover a bookie with a good in-play market. Our betting site reviews list each operator’s in-play features.